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Creative Family Photo Ideas 2020

looking for Creative family photo ideas? look no further! I've Created a list of 5 Creative Pose ideas for your family photo session in 2020! Save these poses and ideas to show your photographer during your session and prepare for memorable family photos that you will cherish forever!


Pose #1: The Secret

This pose is extremely easy to do and perfect for a candid shot between your younger child and a parent.

Hold your child up at eye level or just above your shoulder and hug them close, turn your back to the camera so that your child's face is facing your photographer, and lean in and tell them a secret. You can also tell them a joke, or even just say, "I love you".

What this does is creates a special moment between you and your child which is almost guaranteed to have both of you give a genuine, candid smile that conveys the love between you and your child.

Try this pose during your next family session to capture a beautiful image full of real emotion!

Pose #2: The Swing

This Pose is perfect if you are shooting your Family Photo Session In a park or somewhere with a Swing nearby.

All you have to do is put your child on the swing and give them a push! This sounds simple, but it's really hard not to have a genuine smile while being pushed on a swing!

For this Creative Family Photo Idea, you can either have one or both parents push the swing. (added cuteness points if you have siblings push each other on the swing). Just make sure to have your photographer shot from an angle that doesn't block anyone's face with the ropes from the swing!

Pose #3: The Switch Swing!

This is the perfect pose to do right after pose #2! Instead of pushing your child on the swing, have them push you!

Just get on the swing and tell your child, "its my turn!". More often than not, your kiddo will love the opportunity to give mom, dad, or grandma a push on the swing!

If you have an especially younger child. it may be hard for them to actually push you, so help them out by using your legs or just have them push an empty swing. They will be absolutely delighted to do something that they saw you doing and the candid happiness will make for some of the most memorable images of the session!

Pose #4: The Crawl

This Might be the Easiest pose on the entire list!

All you need to do is set your younger child or children about 5 feet away from you and then go sit down on the ground!

Your children will start walking or crawling back to you as soon as you set them down, which will give your photographer the chance to capture them looking at you with a desire to be closer!

This Creative Family Photo Idea works best with children under 2; Any older and they will probably be covering the distance faster than you can sit down or than your photographer can capture it.

For older children, Try instead Playing a game of TAG with them for the same effect!

Pose #5: The Tickle

This Pose is guaranteed to get your whole family laughing!

Just lift your young child or children up between two parents or siblings and start tickling them!

The genuine laughter from everyone involved is sure to make for some of your favorite images of the session!

For an added effect, Kiss your child on the cheek and watch their little cheeks turn red!

Bonus Pose: The Detail Shot

Children don't stay tiny forever! Capture details that you know will change like their tiny shoes or little hands before they get older and turn into young men and women!

Have your photographer bring props or bring them yourself to stage and give the scene a sort of timestamp as to what season the session took place in.

Use available lighting or have your photographer bring a flash to bring focus to the little details like your child's first pair of shoes, or their winter mittens you know they will grow out of soon.

The most important thing we will take with us are our memories of the ones closest to us. Don't risk those memories fading with age by not having photos of your family growing up. Immortalize your child's laugh or a special moment between your toddler and their grandmother. Nothing is more priceless than being able to look back on these moments in vivid detail and remember the emotions you felt on that day. Use these Creative Family Photo Ideas for your Family Photo Session in 2020 to create unique and timeless memories that you will cherish forever!

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