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How to Elope during the Pandemic

How to Elope During the Pandemic

Elopement Photographer in Colorado Springs

The pandemic this year took the world as we know it and flipped it upside down. Every single aspect of life as we know it was affected. Things looked very gloomy for more than three months. We’re learning to live alongside it now while taking precautions. I am grateful for the silver lining in what was a very dark cloud.

Amongst the many things affected, the wedding industry was also hard hit. For a while, weddings couldn’t happen at all. Everyone either had to cancel or postpone their wedding for their own safety. My thoughts go out to couples who found themselves in such a situation.

One of the ways that couples adapted during this pandemic was by choosing to have small and meaningful weddings instead. Also known as a destination elopement, this kind of ceremony does not require more than four people. That is the couple, their officiant, and their photographer. Weddings like these were safer and made social distancing easier to observe.

If you’re couple considering an elopement wedding at this time, then this is for you. As a small wedding photographer, I’ve worked with couples having these kinds of ceremonies. In that time, I have picked up a thing or two. I thought I should share some of them with you. So here are some tips on how to elope during this pandemic.

⦁ First Choose A Destination

Elopement photographer in Colorado Springs

An elopement wedding might be a bit different from a traditional wedding, but you’re still going to need a venue. Since you’re eloping, however, you could probably get away with something unconventional. Just remember that it’ll be a place you’ll be connected to forever. Make sure it’s somewhere you both love.

⦁ Book an Elopement Photographer (Hopefully Me)

Elopement Photographer in Colorado Springs

You deserve to have memories of the day you and your partner promised each other forever. You also need to have something to break the news to your family with. Phone pictures won’t do the trick here. You need a professional elopement photographer who knows what they’re doing to give you wedding pictures you’ll forever be proud of.

⦁ Hire an Officiant

Elopement Photographer in Colorado Springs

If you want your wedding to be legal, you’ll need one. The laws may be different in many places, but most State rules agree that an officiant must be present for you to get your marriage licensed. Your officiant could also help you with the required paperwork and some great wedding advice too.

⦁ Create an Elopement Timeline

Elopement Photographer in Colorado Springs

Timing is also essential when eloping. You can’t wake up on that day and just wing it. Creating a timeline will help you organize the day so you can get the best out of it. Start by thinking of what are the most important aspects of the day and write them down. You can then start from when you wake up and write out actions that will work towards achieving all of the important things you wrote down. When done, assign a time to every activity you have written, and voila, you have a destination elopement wedding timeline.

⦁ Have A Reveal Plan

Elopement Photographer in Colorado Springs

You’ll eventually have to tell your loved ones you’ve gotten married at some point. Most people will be understanding because this has been quite the year. This is where the pictures from your wedding day will come in handy. Just remember to first tell your closest loved ones personally before generally announcing on social media.

⦁ You Can Still Celebrate with Family

Elopement Photographer in Colorado Springs

The fact that you had a destination elopement does not mean you can’t still celebrate with loved ones after. I’ve seen some couples plan a reception long after their elopement wedding to celebrate. You could also use something as simple as a backyard barbecue or housewarming to get everyone together and celebrate. Best of luck!!!

If you need an elopement wedding photographer who will treat your wedding like the valuable ceremony that it is, then you are in the right place. Here at Nomadiq Aperture, small weddings are my passion. If you check out my portfolio, you’ll see what I mean. We can get started with discussing your wedding photography and portrait right away. Contact me today!


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