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Senior Photo Ideas

Looking for Creative Senior Photo ideas to stun your friends and family celebrating your graduation? look no further! I've compiled a list of the 5 Most incredible Senior photo ideas that are sure to wow everyone who sees them!

#1: Senior Photos with your best friend!

Senior Photo ideas
Backlit Senior photo Idea with Graduation text

Go ahead and grab your best friend to take some photos with you! They've probably helped you through college or high school anyway, so why not make sure they're included in these special memories! For this photo we used a Studio flash and large white backdrop to light the friends and added the text in photoshop!

#2: Photoshoot in the library

Senior photo ideas
Senior Photo Session in the library

Let's face it. You've probably spent a lot of time studying in the library at your high school or college over the last 4-6 years. How about one last goodbye visit to those old rows of textbooks? Just be sure to stay quiet in case there are others who aren't so lucky to be graduating just yet! Don't be afraid to use books or desks as props to really get creative with your Senior Photo Session!

#3: Up Close and personal

Senior Photo ideas
Stunning Details for Senior photo ideas

Your Senior photo session is about one thing and one thing only: YOU! have your photographer get up close and personal to capture your face and eyes! Bonus points if you have graduation props such as Stoles or a Graduation Cap!

#4: The Professional

Senior Photo ideas
Senior Photo Session In front of College

Why fix what isn't broken? Get a Classic Senior Photo in front of your college or high school's Signage in your Cap and Gown! This let's people know that, " Yes... I really did just graduate from here, I am actually that awesome"

#5: The Shot that makes you, well, YOU

Senior Photo ideas
Senior Photo Idea with Motorcyle

Not every Photo from your Senior Photo Session has to be at your high school or college or academically themed! Get out and Find that Senior Photo idea that makes you, YOU! Whether that means posing with your pet dog, going on a hike, or riding your Motorcycle. These photos will show off more than just a graduate, they will show off your personality, which tells more about who you are than your degree ever will!

Senior Photo Ideas

Do you like the photos you've seen in this blog and want to book Nomadiq Aperture for your Senior Photo or Grad Photo Session in Colorado? Visit us Here to view more work, see our rates, and contact us!

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